Thursday, September 25, 2008

to do: make a to do list

looks like it's going to be another windy day.

it's getting to be jacket and jeans weather. i love this time of year.

carley and i are going to charleston for the weekend. it's going to be a great escape, and i'm really looking forward to photographing the "Brazilian bash" my friend is dj'ing. all in all, it will be good times.

ken is gone for the next month+. i miss him terribly. our "reunion" will be amazing though. i think i dreamed of that last night. it will be so nice to be in his arms again.

i haven't devised a to list this week, which is very uncommon. i need to work on that today. there's a decent amount of things that need to get done before carley and i head out of town, and there are some personal goals/things that i would like to get started/finished in the next month-ish.


i started reading the "twilight" series this week. carley just finished the entire series, and i was really impressed on how into the books she was. (reading a full 400+ page novel in just a few days) i just finished the first book today (2 days after starting) it is really good. i'm going to have to go buy the 2nd book. we have the rest of the series. i can't wait to start the new one. by the time i finish the series, ken will be back, and i can borrow some of his books that i've wanted to read. (getting back in to tom robbins, etc)


operation: get out of greenwood has begun. it's time for me to start taking steps to getting my house sell-ready. (yet another to do list to work on) i'm going to miss this house. i wish i could just take it with me. i still have 7 months (maybe longer) here. carley and i both are ready, though. i'm scared as shit.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i frickin' HATE budgeting.

budgeting for me isn't really "budgeting". my income is sporatic and i don't really know what i'm going to make on a week to week basis. i have personal "goals" for what to make each week, but lately, with the economy sucking and everyone spending their money on gas and other bull shit, tips have gone down the drain. i'm picking up stupid shifts at work just to *maybe* have a paycheck. it's starting to get stressful.

so far, this is what my money situation looks like for the next month:

$$$ of bills owed in the next two weeks: $545 (up to first of month)
$$$ of bills due at the first of the month $760

so, from the looks of it, i have to make about $1300 in the next few weeks. (by no later than October 10th, which is my cut off date for my house payment)

mind you, what's listed above does not include gas, food, or the additional things i owe money on -- $200 to my mechanic for new breaks, etc and a more recent oil change

positive things:
i'm shooting a wedding the first of october, and that should generate somewhere around an $850 profit. (i can pay off my mechanic and put some money in savings, give myself the money i *would have made* from working that weekend, and buy carley her birthday present) after that, i'll be broke again.

carley's dad is way behind in child support, again. while it's not very positive right now, it will be a good thing when he's summoned to court again because he'll HAVE to pay out something or go to jail. my fingers are crossed that he'll choose the former.

i'm not going to stress too much about the whole money thing. things always work out.

it sucks being a grownup sometimes.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

my one day off a week.

there's nothing better than getting woken up early on your day off and the conversation ends up putting you in a bad mood.

my weekend wasn't all that great. i really could have used a good morning.

i'm going to sip on some coffee and hopefully calm down. i have a huge to do list for my house.


apparently i didn't actually publish this right away this morning. my internet went out for a while, so i focused even more on getting things done around the house.

my list of things i did:

--dumped, cleaned litter box-- deodorized and added fresh litter
--dumped, cleaned, scrubed, deodorized thomas' cage -- lined it with new paper
--swept, mopped kitchen and laundry room
--washed/dried two loads of clothes (still need to be folded
--cleaned the bike room, put extra unneeded things in the attic
--vacuumed middle room, cleaned a/c unit, realized i was way past due for a new filter
--45 minute pilates workout
--lunch time (veg baked beans, mock ckn salad sandwich)
--biked to bank, walgreens and price wise foods - bought new a/c filter and some home deodorizers
--mowed lawn, front and back

it's 4:00 now, and i have to shower and go meet up with my family for dinner somewhere. it's my grandmother and aunt's birthday celebration. i think they're going out for seafood. i don't really want to go because there is really no options for me for food. i don't want fried foods or just a salad and baked potato. i could have that here at home and it be 100x healthier.

i still have to shower. i'm frickin' gross as shit now. sweat, dirt, grease, grime, house cleaning products.

the bathroom still needs to be cleaned, but that's carley's one big chore in the house, so i'm going to make sure she gets that done today.

Friday, September 12, 2008

someone took a picture of me on their camera phone while i was biking home from work tonight. granted is really uncommon to see cyclists after dark, but was that really necessary?

i ended up picking up a shift tonight because i didn't want to be home alone tonight.


when it rains, it pours. (literally and figuratively)

this week has been pretty awesome. ken came back to greenwood with me on sunday and stayed until wednesday. it was great to spend extra time with him since right now we're limited to my weekends off from work, and sometimes that's not even going to work out. we didn't do much, seeing as how there isn't much to do in this town. but quality time is key, and we got plenty of that in.

i've been really stressed about money lately. (big surprise, i know) i finally was able to make my house payment (10 days after the day i usually pay it) now i have to play catch up for the next couple of weeks and make sure i make/have enough money to cover bills and start this charade again.

i don't really understand where all my money went. actually, i do know. all throughout july and part of august, i was out gallivanting and enjoying myself for once, visiting friends, going to shows, etc. even though i was aware of how much i was shorting myself financially by doing the traveling and running around, i wasn't too worried. i had money i had made at weddings, i had money owed to me, and i had more weddings coming up, so i wasn't that worried. photography has slacked off now, and i still haven't been paid in full for the wedding i shot in may. (i'll get to that in a minute though) not to mention, carley's dad is on the fast train to jailtime because he's slacking off big time on paying child support. i don't want him to go to jail, but i don't want to show up to court again, supporting him, saying it's okay for him to give false promises on catching up on child support. sorry, buddy, i'm over it. i wish i could get out of my financial responsibility to being a parent and just NOT pay bills and think no one will care. i don't work like that, and it bothers me when others do.

in no way am i a money grubbing materialistic freak. a part of me could care less if i get money from him or not, but at the same time, i NEED this money to buy groceries, get carley more supplies for school, buy her new books. i make just enough money at my job to cover bills and do minor grocery shopping. it would be nice to have a buffer where i don't have to worry if i only go home with $40 in my pocket from working that day. blahhhh.

speaking of money issues, my water heater is broken. i think the electrical part of it is on the fritz. HELLO COLD SHOWER! (no fun) i hope it doesn't need to be replaced. i can't afford that right now. my brother is coming by while i'm at work to check it out. hopefully he'll figure it out.

the weather has been so shitty lately. while we need the rain, i don't like having it around because i want to ride my bike to work every day. i'll probably still ride today, even with the lingering threat of rain. ken and i got poured on the other day while we were biking home from work. i'd rather be rained on on my way home than on my way to work. if it's bad when i get off work today, i may just catch a ride home from one of my coworkers. we'll see. i don't mind the rain, really. i just want to ride my bike.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

coffee induced thoughts

roaches gross me out so much. last night my cat started freaking out and making these weird noises. i look over my shoulder and see a roach big enough to eat thomas hanging out on the wall. i went to knock it off the wall and it scurried away. i hate using chemical products in my house, so i looked up natural ways of killing/getting rid of roaches. having a cat is one way. (check) the other thing i found out was that baking soda dehydrates roaches and they die. (score) i ended up making this weird paste stuff with bread crumbs, soymilk, sugar and baking soda. we'll see if this monster roach and his family dies off now. **crosses fingers**

i went on a nice bike ride to run errands yesterday. people that drive around here are frickin' idiots. i don't quite comprehend why people insist on passing me at arms reach on a four lane road. **just get in the other lane, jerk!** i saw this couple that i wait on a lot at work (i call "the splenda couple") pass me and almost cut me off. other than that shit, all went well. i love my bike.

after riding my bike in athens this weekend, i realized i'm somewhat uncomfortable riding in other towns. granted, athens has more hills and more traffic than greenwood, but i don't think that was my problem. maybe it was just the unfamiliarity i have with the town (in a biking sense). i guess it will get better over time. i'm okay when riding with other people, just riding alone kind of freaks me out in athens right now. it's kind of silly.

work is going great this week. i have a pretty kick ass schedule and i should be pretty close to having my house payment money by the end of the week.

my new pilates workout dvd came in the mail yesterday. in this dvd, i'm using my workout ball. it kicked my ass yesterday and it was awesome! i like it a lot better than the "advanced workout" that i have. so i'm going to do the workout ball 2-3x a week and the 20 min workout the rest of the week. i just love doing pilates.

more picture taking this week. i need to figure out how to do multiple exposures. i have a neat idea for a picture of me and ken. if it works like my mind has it together, it would be pretty cool. i also have a portrait shoot on thursday with my friend, jennifer. i need to build my portfolio, so i'm offering portraits to my coworkers pretty much for free, but taking donations.