Monday, April 26, 2010

new work, new study.

yesterday i had a head shot portrait sitting. headshots are soooooo boring. maybe they're boring because i don't know what i'm doing. i admit, i know very little about studio lighting and posing. i want to learn more, but just haven't found motivation to do so.... until yesterday.

with a little help from my friend, gene, i was able to get some pretty amazing shots. granted, my 3 favorite shots were actually taken candidly, yet they are my strongest prints from the entire set. it helps to have a beautiful model that very rarely takes a bad photo. her facial structure is just amazing.

so, this has spawned a new idea of glamor/modeling portraits that i'd like to start working on maybe over the summer and especially when the next semester rolls around. i'd like to be pretty proficient with studio lighting before working on a portfolio for my independent study... maybe i'm getting ahead of myself right now.... the spring semester isn't officially over (yet).

today i turn in my english final and i'm done for the semester. the paper i wrote is crap. i didn't spend the amount of time i needed to spend on it and i don't think i really followed the assignment... i mean, i did follow the assignment, but it's kind of weird. i'm just ready to be done with that class.

Friday, April 9, 2010


after cooking myself some dinner last night, i decided to photograph the scraps of the red pepper i had cut up. the seeds were so interesting to me. all the patterns and repetitive shapes. i may reshoot it today when the light is better, but i actually like the grainy effect. i bumped my ISO up to 1600 so i could shoot at a faster shutter speed. once these are finally printed on a large scale, i think the grain will add a nice quality to the images.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

student show.

last night was the student show at lander. the student show is open to any art student that wants to submit their work of exhibition. not all of it gets chosen, but most goes in it. there is a judge that comes and gives out 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category, then there's a best in show chosen. there's also a "student choice" which is, of course, chosen by the students.

i'm going to start off by saying that going back to school was probably the best decision i've ever made. i feel like a lot has changed about me. there's a new confidence about me, and i actually have some kind of direction in life, even if i'm not completely sure where that direction is exactly.

being in school has opened me up to new opportunities in life, new friends, new artistic outlets, and i love it. i love being involved with the school and my community and realizing, for once, that my work (my art) makes an impact on people.

that being said, when the awards were being given out for the different categories, my anxiety hit the roof. i don't do well with contests and i am so afraid of rejection, but when my "lonely streets" print showed up on the screen for FIRST PLACE in photography, i wanted to cry. (hah) but it was a great moment for me. i was really excited and happy. THEN the "student choice" was announced and that was me too!

this is the photograph that was chosen:

it was overwhelming to believe that most of the students that voted believe that my work was the "best" out there. it meant a lot to me. there's a lot of great artists in the school, and i'm just blown away by the support i get from them... and really the support we all have for each other. it's amazing.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

the lander review

i've been a bit slack with this whole blogging thing. i'll get better, i promise. school is kind of overwhelming right now and i haven't been doing much "personal work" for myself. i have a list of what i want to start, but just haven't had the time/motivation to actually get started on it.

my friend and i are doing a collaboration art show. he's a painter/print maker and we're going to put together a work of art kind of dedicated to typography. i'm really excited about the idea and the work. once this semester is over, i'm going to dedicate a lot of time to getting some work produced for the show.

last night was the reception for the lander review. i had one piece in it. it was great to be a part of the university and to be represented with other students. i got a lot of feedback on my piece and a couple of people talked to me about buying the print. (exciting!) but, it was great. my mom, my niece and my uncle came out to support me, along with my friends. it was a pretty awesome night.

tuesday is the student art show, which is different than the lander review. the student show is more of a showcase of student work and is judged and there are 1st, 2nd, 3rd and best in show awards. i love love love the pieces i put in, but wish i had of done a better job with presentation. i was strapped for time and money. while the prints look amazing, the presentation is kind of "meh" (at least to me).

this semester is winding down. i'm so ready for the semester to be over with. from the looks of it, i should be done by fall of 2011. woo!