Tuesday, May 18, 2010

nothing makes me happier than knowing that my best friend will be 1.5 hours away from me for the summer. (as opposed to 14 hours)

i'm so happy i could cry.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

the other day i had to use my jump drive and realized i had more holga scans on it. it was a pretty exciting moment for me. i had forgotten that i had those scans. looking back at the photos were fun. i had older scans from cairo and some newer stuff from a few months ago. i should just buy a negative scanner that scans medium format film, but i don't have the money for that right now.

the past couple of weeks have been kind of boring. i haven't had any shoots other than a bridal portrait last weekend. also, after much deliberation and tons of rationalizing, i decided to invest in a new camera. the camera came in thursday. i've shot a little bit with it, but mostly just playing around. i'm in love with it. the upgrade was totally worth it. the colors are rich, images are super sharp, "noise" is low, even at a high ISO. so, it's awesome. i'm ready to get out and shoot more.

these are my holga scans.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

i'm really behind on updating this thing.

last month my niece spent the night at my house. she's super sweet, really talkative and just a joy to be around. i was exhausted by the end of the day.

this shot was taken while victoria and i were having breakfast. the light in the kitchen was really nice. i wanted to capture her just being herself and not freezing to smile for the camera.

i chose to make this a diptych for a couple of reasons:
1) to show two different sides of victoria. in the top photo, she looks calm and serene. and in the second, we see the sweet and charismatic child that she is
2) visual flow. i like how the negative space in both photographs work with each other for a form of visual balance

a moment to reflect.

i believe that everything that i've learned about photography and all my photography experiences that i have had leading up til now are finally starting to make sense to me. combined with school and new "eye" for composition and light, i have this new surge of energy and creative flow... a new intuitive response to my environment.

a lot of my favorite photographs are actually taken when the camera is not up to my eye and i'm not thinking about a composition, shooting from perspectives that are in my head and some how knowing the placement of the camera and the timing (and of course exposure) i need to get the shot.

i was thinking the other day about all the different things i've photographed since i started getting into photography years ago. skateboarding photography was something that i never was proficient at, but i learned when to catch the right moment when the board pops for a series of tricks, etc. it hit me, though, that the kind of persistent shooting that i did to try to get that one good shot helped me develop the reflexes i needed for "on the fly" shooting, relying on being ready and confident in camera placement whether i could see the composition through the lens or not.

being back in school has helped me really develop as an artist. to see things different. to understand light better and understand how to make light work to my advantage. i'm excited to develop as a person, artist, mother, photographer. art has saved my life. (figuratively speaking) i think this is the happiest i've been with my life... probably ever. so it can only get better (i hope).

all of that being said, leads to this photograph i shot the other day during a family portrait shoot. the gracefulness of this young girl running and the hint of light hitting her hair and dress, i could not have picked a more perfect time to snap this, and it was the only shot i took of her running.