Tuesday, November 23, 2010

trial by fire (more)

i'm still working on these images. hopefully i can find time to go back to the exhibit before it comes down in a couple of weeks.

thanksgiving break has officially started. it's going to be a busy break. (athens, ga to spend time with elizabeth and hopefully getting tattooed, karaoke saturday, working sunday...) and at some point i'm supposed to study for 2 tests and work on my final painting that i started monday. no pressure.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

i finally have an itching for a new tattoo. i've been looking at a lot of margaret kilgallen's work lately. i watched "beautiful losers" for the first time a few weeks ago and margaret's passion spoke to me. i fell in love with her and her work immediately. i was actually familiar with her work before, but didn't know her name at the time. i'm kind of horrible and associating names with art works. i need to get better at that. either way, this week has been stressful, the past few months have been stressful and there's no better way to move on from that than with a tattoo of a beautiful piece of artwork by an amazing artist.

"I believe there need to be women visual in our every day landscape, working hard and doing their own thing, whether you like it or not, whether it's acceptable or not...I especially hope to inspire young women because often I feel like so much emphasis is put on how beautiful you are, and how thin you are, and not a lot of emphasis is put on what you can do and how smart you are. I'd like to change that, change the emphasis of what's important when looking at a woman." ~MK

i'm torn between these three styles of trees. i think i like the pink tree most. looks like i'm starting on my right arm now... finally.

as mentioned in my previous post, i spent thursday night photographing kara gunter's exhibit. this photograph is probably one of my favorites out of the 4 rolls that i shot. i want to go back and shoot more. hopefully i can find time to get up there before the exhibit comes down on dec 3rd. her work is very strong and spiritual... not in christian-spiritual way, but an eerie comforting spiritual way. i'm seriously almost brought to tears every time i walk into the exhibit (and just as much moved when editing these images). i'm going to be sad when it comes down. i'm pretty sure i could just sit and hang out in there all day long and feel right at home.

Friday, November 19, 2010

trial by fire

my friend and fellow artist kara gunter asked me to photograph her exhibit that is currently up at the Monsanto Gallery here in Greenwood. Kara was my professor in 3-D design last semester and is an amazing woman, artist, friend, teacher. I can't say enough positive things about her... i just absolutely adore her. so, i was flattered when she asked me to work with her on photographing her exhibit for documentary and artistic purposes.
Last night i went to the gallery after it had closed and spent nearly two hours with these pieces of work. rather than just documenting the work, i let the pieces talk to the camera and the camera talk to me. it was a very moving hour. i wanted to capture the beauty that i saw in each piece and what i felt as i was experiencing each frame and composition. it was strange to feel almost on the verge of tears the entire time, but i was truly moved by her work. 

I photographed the "documented" part of the exhibit with my digital camera, but the more artistic stuff (that we will be selling on etsy or somewhere) i photographed with a Mamiya C220 twin lens reflex. I used fuji 160 daylight film (in tungsten light... should be interesting) and fuji provia 100 film (going to cross process that!) So, i'm really curious as to how these are going to turn out. The exposures were slow, but the camera was mounted on a tripod. i don't think a soft focus will hurt the overall mood of the photographs, though. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

growing up

shooting at my grandmother's house this past sunday was a bit overwhelming. i was flooded with memories i didn't even know i had and everything i looked at reminded me of holidays with that side of the family and the weird things i would play with when i was there. my brother and i had our own rocking chairs at my grandmother's house, but for some reason i always wanted to sit in the high chair. i think the mentality with that was that i was the "baby" of the family, therefore i should sit in a "baby chair."

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


holy crap i'm ready for this semester to be over with. i feel like i'm so overwhelmed with doing creative things that i'm actually losing my creativity and doing things on auto-pilot. i shot a couple of rolls of film at my grandmother's house this weekend. the plastic "toys" i photographed were actually things my dad made as a child. i used my holga for some shots and a mamiya c220 twin lens reflex for other shots. naturally, i'm happier with the quality of the exposure of the mamiya photos.... and i love that i can get much closer with the toys that i'm photographing.