Tuesday, May 31, 2011

south of the border

i'm currently reading tom robbins' book another roadside attraction. it seems obvious that i should make a post about one of my personal favorite roadside attractions in the south east (on I-95, just south of the NC state line), which is "south of the border." my first visit there was with friends on our way to richmond, va. i didn't understand their enthusiasm about it at first and honestly i was still confused when we made it there and it was just this huge weird place with roller coaster rides and cheap memorabilia. but driving back by it this past weekend i was excited and amused with how awesome the place was, in that weird, roadside attraction kind of way.

on a side note: this was taken with my iPhone. for the longest time i sort of hated people that used the instagram app and that kind of stuff. i still feel like it's over used, but i'm also in love with the app. it's not the app that makes the photo, it's knowing how to take the photo right in the first place and knowing how to apply the right filter, etc to get the desired image. this may go up in my art show in september.

Monday, May 16, 2011

"i like nonsense, it wakes up the braincells"

man i'm slack. i just realized i haven't posted since the vagina pepper. i'm shooting, trust me. mostly commercially. i have had 2 weddings and a couple of portraits.

i've been on the road a lot. driving to atlanta and back a bit. every time i go there, i take a different route. driving is (usually) very therapeutic for me. the last drive ended with me blowing a tire on the highway and spending a good bit of my day finding a tire... but there were positive things that came out of that day, so i'm happy. i'm heading back that way friday and visiting some small towns i drove through a while back and wanted to photograph.

summer session has started. it's weird how being in school automatically sparks my creativity. it's like my brain goes into hibernation when i'm done with classes. i've had ideas i wanted to work with, but no motivation to start it. i have 4 months until my and wesley's exhibit at the arts center, so i need to get to work.

so i guess i should follow up on the baby birds i photographed a while back. maybe i posted this... i don't remember. one morning i came outside and buffy was playing with a couple of the baby birds that had fallen out of the nest. i was grateful that the other birds had made it to safety. i was getting ready to dispose of the birds when i saw how beautiful they were there together. it was kind of serene and kind and soft... just dead. i spent about 10 minutes photographing the (dead) birds. it's not often that you get to be so close to them to see the beauties of the feathers and the birds themselves.