Monday, June 27, 2011

dirty laundry

today i did a shoot with a wonderful artist and friend. her recent body of work has been based of stereotypical housewives and the many duties associated with them. i had this idea for a shoot incorporating her work (silk screened tea cloths and silk screened panties), with her playing the role of the anti-housewife, still performing household "duties" but in a  bitter and non glamorous way.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

as i begin to go through me edit pool of images for my duo exhibit coming up soon, i'm starting to see my work in a whole new light. right now i feel that my work has no particular "theme" mostly i'm shooting what i find interesting and hope the camera finds it just as interesting as i do. i haven't been shooting as much as i probably should, but i feel like the exhibit will come together nicely with a combination of holga images and some digital images (portraits kind of reflecting wesley's style of painting).

this particular image just came to me when i was looking at my work. both the composition and color of the two images work so well together... not to mention the vines in the window resemebling that of the nest the baby bird is in. i also particularly like the contrast of geometric and organic shapes between the two images. it's a very serene balance.

thoughts? critiques?

Friday, June 10, 2011

church of christ

i'm still trying to decide if i actually like this image. what i find most interesting about has nothing to do with the original reason for why i took the image. i was driving past this church and felt the urge to shoot this because of the starch white with the big "Church of Christ" text, but what i enjoy more about the image is the use of negative space with the church, trees and sky. the simplicity of the colors i really love as well.