Monday, May 28, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Having two jobs is overwhelming. I like being busy, but I'd prefer to be busy making art. Getting acclimated to a new schedule is no easy task, especially when it's not  a set schedule.

I sprained my ankle last week so I haven't ran in a week now. It was a pretty awful sprain. Both sides of my foot are bruised and if I stand on it too long it is extremely painful. I'm ready to be running again.

I was notified this past week that both my pieces I entered for the Festival of Flowers juried art show made it in the exhibition and I'm installing work in Athens, GA this Friday.

It feels good to still be involved in the arts even if I'm not making art. I wish I had a welder. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

what's a camera?

i haven't really done much with my fuji x-10 i bought a few months ago. the reason i haven't messed with it much was because my photo editing software didn't support the camera raw files, and i really don't want to shoot if i can't shoot raw. so after many stressful hours of upgrading and updating my operating system, i was finally able to get a program that does read and edit fuji raw files.

as i was cleaning the kitchen today, i was compelled to photograph the cut off bit of a green onion. i love taking macro images of vegetable and transforming them into a different form. i really want to make this into a sculpture somehow. i big one, like waist high or something.

i think i may explore this photographic composition and subject matter a little further to see where it goes. 

post graduation life

post graduation life has been busy, but not the kind of busy where i'm working all the time, the kind of busy where i'm trying to get a job and trying to get my life together. so, i have two jobs now, a boyfriend, and a roommate. i guess being busy has its advantages.

two weeks ago i went to tennessee to spend the weekend with my friend and it was fantastic. i got to experience the knoxville first friday and the rest of the weekend was spent doing fun things like chalk drawings and drinking margaritas. buffy also got to hang out with her biological mother and go swimming. it was a frickin' blast.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Anthropomorphic Flower Installation

I've been so wrapped up with graduation and everything that I didn't realize that I haven't posted about "Old Man Orchid" finally finding a home. The installation took place a week ago. Two months of bending and melting steel finally paid off and all our stuff looks awesome out there


So, lots of hard work and awesomeness.