Friday, June 1, 2012

a day off

having two jobs is killing me, but i need it to survive/pay bills. i wish i could just have one (fulfilling) full time job, but for now i'll live with two decent jobs.

today ryan and i traveled over to athens, ga to do my first installation of artwork in athens. it's in a delicious pizza place, Transmetropolitan. it feels great to branch out to other cities.

ken came by to help with the install
(thanks for getting me the gig)

i had to write my name/info on the board
it looks terrible. i hate writing on chalkboard

the trip was short and sweet and ryan and i ventured over to his co-worker's house to check out an adorable litter of puppies. we're getting one and naming her sophia. cutest. pup. ever. (besides buffy, buffy will always be #1)

box o'cute

i fell in love with this one
and named her Sophia
ryan and i will be getting her when she's
old enough

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Anonymous said...

We're still discussing the whole puppy thing...