Sunday, July 21, 2013

permanent impermanence

a few weeks back i created that sad sappy piece of a tender moment shared with ryan and myself, as i would often document our "time together" - ie: skyping. that one piece has sort of triggered a new response of creative energy in me, but in a positive way. more so, this is an exploration of media, but conceptually (because of the "archival quality" of the ink) i'm more interested in the permanence of the actual art. by using non-archival inks, but pairing parts of the image with mediums that that hopefully "seal" the image (glazing mediums, watercolor, etc), i'm curious to see how permanent the image really is. by "sealing" the main subject matter - i am hoping to see a change in the environment surrounding the person. therefore, referencing the soundness of friendships and how, regardless of time and surroundings, the relationship stands strong.  - friendships remain stable even in evolving environments. not all the images have a glazing medium over the subject matter, but i've used watercolor, and am curious to see what remains when time takes a toll on the ink. i find the idea of evolving art intriguing, and i suppose i will only know in time what comes of it.

rpg 4x4
close to me 4x4

dirty laundry 4x4

pig hat 4x4